Genhe City Aoluguya make deer tribal area in AAA

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Ewenki who is China last hunting tribe, to the stocking of reindeer. The reindeer is a medium-sizeddeer belongs to the Arctic Circle, biological, is still not fully domesticated, tried to find out a method to adapt Greater Khingan Range climate, food, temperature, humidity makes the deer Hubei Wenck,make the reindeer survived from the Arctic tundra areas.

Aoluguya make deer tribe scenic spot is located in Inner Mongolia Hulun Buir Genhe AoluguyaTownship, located northwest of Greater Khingan Range Lu, 3 km away from the urban area, traffic is very convenient. Scenic area consists of Aoluguya Ewenki reindeer Culture Museum, birchen skinhandicraft workshops, Ewenke hunters village and six hunters reindeer stocking point and leather in the ancient primitive tribal and hunting the fragrant garden Cuoluozi restaurant, a mu Na Ao Xiang clubetc..

In the Aoluguya make deer tribe, do once the Ewenki tribal hunters, the deer canoe ride, wandering in the forest, in Cuoluozi Madadayo smoke, tea taste venison, participate in the evening campfire,watching performances, at this time, what do not want to, what do not ask, do natural pure men free!