Development and reform system in 2014 February our approval for the record in 14 projects

Sources:Hulun Buir City Time:2014-11-12 Browse:2099

    In 2014 February I city development and reform the system of examination and approval approval record total of 14 projects, the project total investment amounts to 240000000 yuan. In 14 approval for the record of the project, the municipal development and Reform Commission approval of the project6, a total investment of 185000000 yuan. Urban development and reform department flag co approval for the project 8, a total investment of 55000000 yuan. Including: the approval of project 6, a total investment of 21000000 yuan; for the project 2, a total investment of 34000000 yuan.

    In February the approval for the record the items included in the real estate project 1; 6 social projects; municipal infrastructure projects 3; agricultural and animal husbandry production facilities and light industrial project 4. The development and reform department next the city will continue tofollow the state and the autonomous region of industrial policy and related investment policy requirements, a comprehensive good in all areas of investment project guidance, coordination and service.