Rhododendron dauricum

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    Xingan Du magpie, known as "Folium Rhododendri Daurici" "son of incense". Du que Cruciferae, semi evergreen shrub, high 1 ~ 2 meters. Ornamental flowers, leaves Hanfang sesame oil and coumarin,can carry fragrant oil, modulation essence; also used as medicine, bitter cold. The function of relieving cough and eliminating phlegm, treating acute and chronic bronchitis. Stems, rod, grass fruit containingtannin, can be vegetable tannin extract.

    Spring in Greater Khingan Range, like the primrose as Xingan rural Mrs magpie flowers, against thechilly wind, stepping on the thick snow proudly blooming, over the forest, like a raging fire, bright like Xia, white snow, don't open the wonders of the amazing!

    "Spring azalea sea, summer spring Greenfield sound". Each year in mid May, it is Xingan azaleas in full bloom season, in the hills gully, Choi neon, colorful, Xiao Xingan Ling Lin with 100 colorful,contests, known as "the cuckoo". There is rich in animal and plant resources, vast forests, is ainornate, meandering incomparable natural park. Here the spring azalea flowers, popular in the mountains; summer Songtao billow, verdant stretch; mid autumn maple leaf by frost, winter miles,snow.

    Every year in May, the Xingan red azalea, bloom, all over the mountains, bright like xia. If every spring,colorful suddenly overnight, intoxicating, fascinating.