Chen barr tiger flag location advantages

Sources:Hulunbeir Government Websites Time:2015-09-21 Browse:5106

Old Barag Banner is located in the northwest of Hulunbeier City, flag in the north and Russia across the Argun river across, Sino Russian border line length of 19.39 kilometers. Flag is located in Bayan Kuren town is full flag economic, political and cultural center, from Hulunbuir City, where the Hailar District 27 km, from Hailar civil aviation airport, 32 kilometers, from the country's largest land port Manzhouli City and national ports in the second category Ergun city Heishantou port 180 kilometers. Otherwise Binzhou railway from the inside flag through, G301 State Road S201 provincial highway criss crossing, geographical location, geographical advantages superior, transportation and communication is very convenient.