Binzhou railway station Zhuo mountain traction power supply engineering twelve 220kV power projects get approved

Sources:Hulunbeir Government Websites Time:2015-09-22 Browse:4714

August 2015, Hulunbeier Municipal Development and Reform Commission approved the Binzhou railway electricity department were Zhuo hill station 220kV traction power supply engineering, twelve projects, with a total investment 1.426 billion yuan, the construction period of two years.
Binzhou railway electrification project in July 2014 by the national railway company, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People's Government, the People's Government of Heilongjiang Province tripartite joint approval, within the city mileage of about 560 kilometers, is a national, autonomous regions and key construction projects, but also the focus of Hulun Buir City construction project.
The approval of 12 Binzhou railway traction station 220kV power projects help advance Binzhou railway electrification projects, the project put into operation as soon as possible to provide protection.