Hulun Buir Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference held a “two learn one do” special education

Sources:Hulun Buir daily Time:2016-07-04 Browse:4595

Recently, the city CPPCC Office held the "two a" special learning education meetings, lectures counseling and discussion of. Municipal CPPCC party members, vice chairman Da Kizab to participate in the study.
The conference is main content includes: Municipal CPPCC organs of the party organization all at home party members in the party activity room held to commemorate the founding of the 95th anniversary relive the party oath activities; municipal Party Committee Party School Professor Fu Yun Zhang, invited to the organs comrades made entitled "learning the party constitution, Party discipline series of speeches to be a qualified Communist" lectures counseling; around the "political, religious, qualified party member" theme carried out study of panel discussion. Thematic education to achieve the desired results.