750 cadres of our city listen to lectures on financial knowledge

Sources:Hulun Buir daily Time:2017-06-28 Browse:1717

In order to further promote the cadres to enhance the quality of the project, to master the use of financial knowledge, promote the development of economy, the innovation of the city in June 19th, the Party Organization Department and the Municipal Finance Office jointly organized the Hulun Buir Cadre Education Forum financial knowledge lecture.
Bai Jirong, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and Minister of organization, presided over the lecture. He hoped that the participants cherish the opportunity to calm down, study hard, learn something and use.
The cadre education forum invited 4 experts and scholars to Orient Securities Research Institute, thematic explain from the aspects of macro economy, industry funds, IPO policy, bond issuance and other content, help us to further understand the economic and social development situation in our city, multi angle, multi dimension analysis on our development advantages and disadvantages. In order to understand the central and autonomous regions and our policies, and make full use of the policy of economic development, overcome difficulties, exploration and innovation, boost industrial restructuring and upgrading.
The lecture was conducted in a video format with a total of over 750 participants.