Vice Mayor - Hao Guijuan
Duties: To assist the new mayor responsible for the city's human resources and social security, education, science and technology, health, civil affairs and other aspects of the work. In charge of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Education Bureau, Science and Technology Bureau (Intellectual Property Rights
  Bureau), Health and Family Planning Commission, Civil Affairs Bureau.
  In charge of Hulunbeier College, Hulunbeier Vocational and Technical College, Zhalantun Vocational College.
  Contact: Municipal Office, the Communist Youth League, the Municipal Women's Federation, the Municipal Science and Technology Association, the Municipal Archives Historical Bureau, the city Red Cross, City Charity Federation, City Disabled Persons Federation.

Hao Guijuan, female, the Han nationality, born in March 1965, Liaoning Zhuanghe people, Ph. D. degree, doctor of agriculture, agricultural extension researcher, non partisan, in 1983 July to participate in the work, deputy mayor of Hulun Buir City, chairman of association of industry and commerce, the General Chamber of commerce.
1981.09 - 1983.07 Zhalantun agriculture and animal husbandry School of agronomy specialty learning
1983.07 - 1998.12 Arong Qi Agricultural Technology Promotion Center Technician, deputy director, director, senior agronomist (of which: 1988.07 1990.05 College China Computer Correspondence School computer application professional learning; 1993.12 - 1998.12 Arong Qi people's Congress Standing Committee)
Deputy director of Arong Qi people's Congress Standing Committee 1998.12 - 2003.10