Vice Mayor - Zheng Weiyuan
Duties: To assist the new mayor responsible for market regulation, food and drug supervision, commercial system reform and other aspects of work. Assist the deputy mayor in charge of land resources and opening to the outside world. In charge of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Food and Drug Administration, to assist in charge of Municipal Land Resources Bureau, Bureau of Commerce (Port Office).
  Contact: Hulunbeier in the entry-exit inspection and quarantine institutions

Zheng Weiyuan, male, Han nationality, born in August 1966, Zhejiang Jinhua, Chinese Academy of Sciences graduate degree, Ph.D., researcher, September 1994 to work in June 2005 to join the party. Now Hulunbeier Municipal Committee, vice mayor.
1985.09--1989.09 Zhejiang University School of Civil Engineering Regional and Urban Planning Professional Learning
1989.09--1994.09 Institute of Geographic Human Geography Regional Planning direction Shuoboliandu
1994.09--1999.08 China Land Surveying and Planning Institute, head of land use by engineers, senior engineers,
1999.08--2006.08 China Land Surveying and Planning Institute of Land Use (Planning), director, senior engineer, researcher
2006.08--2010.03 China Land Surveying and Planning Institute, deputy chief engineer, chief engineer, director, Party branch secretary
2010.03--2015.10 Ministry of Land and Farmland Protection Division Director at the land reclamation reclamation (of which: 2015.04--2015.07 Central Party School campus central state organs learning)
2015.10--2016.04 Shanghai Bureau of State Land Supervision deputy inspector
2016.04-- Hulunbeier Municipal Committee, vice mayor