Vice Mayor - Jiang Baodong
Duties: To assist in the new mayor responsible for tourism, culture, sports, business, ethnic, open to the outside world and so on. In charge of the Municipal Affairs Commission (Religious Affairs Bureau, Mongolian Language Committee), Tourism Bureau, the Bureau of Commerce (Port Office), Culture and Press and Publication Bureau of Radio and Television (Bureau of Cultural Relics), Sports Bureau.
  In charge of the city to the north open economic liaison offices, supply and marketing cooperatives, the Inner Mongolia Mongolian source Museum, Tourism Investment Co., Ltd., Tianjiao Hotel Co., Assist the deputy mayor in charge of foreign affairs office.
  Contact: Manzhouli Customs, Municipal Literature and Art Federation, City Journalists Association, Inner Mongolia Cultural Publishing House, Xinhua Bookstore, Inner Mongolia Radio and Television Information Network Co., Ltd. Hulunbeier Branch, Inner Mongolia
Broadcasting Film and Television Bureau Hulunbeier Launch Center. City Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Tobacco Company), City Salt Monopoly Bureau (Salt Company), Inner Mongolia Oil Hulunbeier Sales Company.

Jiang Baodong, male, Han nationality, born in April 1963, Dalian, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia Normal University for Nationalities university degree, in August 1987 to work in June 1997 to join the party.
Incumbent vice mayor of Hulun Buir City, Inner Mongolia People's Government.
1983.09-1987.07 Inner Mongolia Normal University for Nationalities Chinese Language and Literature Learning
1987.07-1987.08 be allocated
1987.08-1995.10 Zalantun normal school teachers (of which: 1992.04-1994.04 leave without pay)
1995.10-1999.10 Zalantun municipal government office secretary (of which: 1996.09-1998.07 Graduate School Postgraduate Course of Sociology of Renmin University of China Department of Applied Sociology Learning)
1999.10-2001.03, deputy director of China Merchants Zhalantun
2001.03-2001.12 Zhalantun Gaotaizi town party secretary, mayor
2001.12-2002.07 Zhalantun Genghis Khan town party secretary, mayor
2002.07-2003.11 party secretary of Genghis Khan town Zhalantun
Science and Technology Deputy Mayor 2003.11-2006.06 Yakeshi
2006.06-2008.11, deputy director of Hulun Buir City Construction Committee
2008.11-2010.08 Hulun Buir City, director of the Economic Development Zone Management Committee
Party committee secretary 2010.08-2011.12 Hulun Buir Economic Development Zone Management Committee Director
2011.12-2012.01 Ergun Mayor nominations
2012.01-2012.02 Ergun City Committee, acting mayor
2012.02-2013.01 Ergun Mayor
2013.01-2016.01 party secretary Ergun
2016.01-2016.02 Hulunbeier Municipal People's Congress party members, party secretary Ergun
2016.02-2016.07 Inner Mongolia Hulunbeier Municipal People's Congress deputy director, party members, party secretary Ergun.
2016.07- present Vice Mayor Hulunbeier Municipal People's Government.